Luka Zorenč, former special operation forces medic. Author of the book "Lynx".

Pre-order, 29.90€

In memory of the late police officer Igor Mauser - Maus

Lynx is a book, written to leave a message to the world. For this purpose, most of the proceeds from the sale of the first edition will be used to finance additional training of Slovenian police officers and professional firefighters.

One hundred police officers and firefighters will receive training in stopping life-threatening bleeding, and will receive a tourniquet as a gift at the end of training. I hope they never need it. But if they do, they should at least be prepared. Maybe one day they’ll save my life or yours.

In November 2020, it will be possible to pre-order the book. This event marks the start of the MAUS campaign, raising money for training and purchase of tourniquets for our police officers and firefighters.

Price of the book in pre-order is 29.90€ and it can be ordered with clicking on the "Pre-order" button via email: ris @